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Get Your Kitchen Organized!

December 5th, 2013 | by The Update

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Kitchen Organization Tips and Ideas

Whether you’re staging your home to sell or moving into a new place, an organized home is essential for the overall sense of beauty and well-being in your abode.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so an organized kitchen can really make the whole house feel more together! Here are some ways to keep your kitchen clutter-free and beautiful:

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Get Organized-Kitchen-Cake-Stand-Soap
#1: A cake stand is a charming way to keep your soaps in reach while also creating a litte more counter space.

Image/The Farm Chick

#2: An upside-down drawer with a hole in it placed over a trash can makes for a super efficient cutting board. *Photo/The Farm Chick

Get Organized The Inspired Room Silverware
#3: Build your own silverware divider and make it divide horizontally. This looks so much nicer than the usual ones you buys that don’t quite fit or leave unused space. *Photo/The Inspired Room

Get Organized in 2013!- shutterstock_2297383
#4: Hang your pots and pans from hooks between cabinets. No more noisy piles of pans!

Get Organized in 2013!- shutterstock_125284226
#5: You can also hang your measuring spoons inside a cabinet door. And a measuring chart comes in handy too!

Get Organized in 2013!- shutterstock_163648322
#6: Stair-stepped spice holders and a small “lazy Susan” adds loads more cabinet space and makes small objects easier to find.

Fridge Coaster
#7: Line your refrigerator shelves with simple plastic placemats or with a Fridge Coaster. When you need to clean your fridge, just take the mats out to clean. No more reaching into the nooks and crannies of your fridge!

Get Organized- magazine rack can holder
#8: Use a magazine holder to store more canned goods in less space.

See our previous post in this series on organizing the odds and ends in your home. Stay tuned for more home organization tips and ideas for the bedroom, closet, bathroom, and more!

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