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A central hub for market and real estate news affecting the Dallas region.

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Giving a little EXTRA CREDIT to Great Educators {Watch the Video}

September 3rd, 2013 | by The Update


Help us give a little Extra Credit to wonderful educators and institutions who are making our communities and world a better place! Watch the video below as seen in the Highland Park Village Theatre and read the quotes from the September 2013 issue of Papercity.

Read this issue of papercity: Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3



Meredyth Cole, Head of School, Episcopal School of Dallas
“We are excited to welcome Meredyth Cole as the incoming Head of School at ESD. Ms. Cole is a dynamic leader and a knowledgeable and innovative educator. Working with the school’s gifted faculty and staff, Ms. Cole will continue to support ESD’s Mission and Founding Tenets, advance academic and co-curricular programs, and lead the implementation of the school’s strategic plan. As the second-ever permanent head of school, we are confident Ms. Cole will lead ESD into its bright future. “
– Amy Detwiler


University of Mississippi
“When I reflect on my years at this stellar university, I remember fondly The Grove, my sorority sisters, advisers, and several teachers, who not only cared deeply for their subjects but also wanted to reach their students. From memories, to friendships, to education, Ole Miss has played a big role in my life. I am grateful for my time there; it was one of my favorite life journeys and will never be forgotten. Hotty Toddy!”
– Betsy Cameron


Ms. Sandra Centeno, Teacher/Guide for Primary, Alcuin School
“Ms. Sandy Centeno is a guide, mentor and caring woman who has made a tremendous impact on our daughter, Bailey. Through her compassionate teaching, Bailey has learned not only to embrace challenges but also to do so with a bright smile on her face. She has learned from Ms. Sandy how to be a mentor to others in her community. Ms. Sandy is a true blessing! “
– Christopher McGuire


Reverend Stephen B. Swann, Founder, Episcopal School of Dallas
“I would like to offer a note of thanks for your many years of service and leadership to students and families of ESD. We all owe you so much, and our children have benefited a great deal from being students at ESD. You have always been there for the Berry family, and we could not be happier to have four of our five children graduate from ESD. The memories of “Pass it on” are forever etched in our minds.”
– Christy Berry


Beverly Herndon, Second-Grade Teacher, Bradfield Elementary School
“Beverly Herndon has been a second-grade teacher at Bradfield Elementary for 30 years, and two generations of our family have been lucky enough to have been taught by her. Her classroom is always lively and inquisitive (How many teachers have a tarantula for a class pet?!), but her quiet and supportive demeanor gives her students a sense of security and confidence. The children love her, and so do the parents!”

– Ann Henry


Heather Bryant, Associate Director of Education, J. Erik Jonsson Community School
“At the helm of the J. Erik Jonsson Community School, Heather Bryant delivers the mission of the school – “Helping transform children’s futures … Creating new possibilities for success.” She and her staff do this by living and teaching respectfulness, stewardship, innovation, collaboration, and hope. I am so happy to see the positive results of Heather’s leadership at the school. The entire team is making a positive impact in the lives of the children who attend the Jonsson School as well as their families.”

– Ann Shaw


Mrs. Evelyn Armstrong, First-Grade Teacher, John S. Armstrong Elementary School
“The scariest thing I ever did was go into first grade at John S. Armstrong Elementary School. I was so scared that my first teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Armstrong, sat next to me. She stayed there until I could begin the day. This wonderful lady showed our class we were brave, ready to learn, and that school was cool. Mrs. Armstrong’s legacy is a standard for today’s teachers – she was simply THE BEST!”

– Camille Brennan


Josephine Ford, Ballet Teacher, Ford School of Ballet
“Josephine Ford was an incredible teacher who taught me invaluable lifelong lessons. She was disciplined and committed, passing these attributes along to me. I enjoyed dancing for her for many years, and because of her I gained a love for the arts.”

– Chari Singleton


Kaye Smith, Kindergarten Teacher, Bradfield Elementary
“When my children started at Bradfield Elementary, I immediately heard how special it was to be in Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class. We were fortunate to have two of our children start their school experience with Kaye Smith. Her nurturing, loving, and positive manner made for a perfect beginning for them. My children loved going to school every day and seeing Mrs. Smith. She created an atmosphere for which we will always be grateful. Many thanks to Kaye Smith. “

– Claire Bailey-Sessions


Highland Park Independent School District Teachers
“I would like to thank all of the HPISD teachers who have influenced four generations of my family, as well as those who are inspiring all of our precious school children today.  I hope that every time you see a student of yours, you will recognize the profound difference you have made in that person’s life. Your influence, guidance, and inspiration are immeasurable. “

– Diane DuVall-Rogers


Joan Buchanan Hill, Ed.D., Head of School, The Lamplighter School
It is one thing to promote values, and quite another to stay true to them in word and deed. As Head of School at Lamplighter, Joan Hill has nurtured an environment where community, tolerance, and the wonder of childhood are thriving as never before. As mother and grandmother to Lamplighter alumnae and current students, I have never been more proud to be affiliated with the school.”

– Gayle Johansen



Mary Brinegar, President and CEO, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society
“Many thanks to Mary for her foresight and leadership for the creation of the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, which is opening this month! The garden, designed for preschool to middle school children, will teach life and earth sciences through experiential learning in an eight-acre laboratory and 17 indoor and outdoor galleries, and will be available to children throughout our community and beyond!”

– Jan Baldwin


Rosemont Elementary School
“Rosemont Elementary, in North Oak Cliff, is a beacon in DISD. Where else can kids be part of a dual language school from K-8, participate in recognized arts programs, and ride their bikes to school as part of iBike Rosemont? It takes outstanding effort and dedication from teachers, administrators, parents, and the entire community to bring all of this together. Bravo!”

– Jenni Stolarski


Arnie Holtberg, Headmaster, St. Mark’s School of Texas

“Since his arrival at St. Mark’s in 1993, Arnie has been an advocate for the “whole boy.” During his two decades as Headmaster, he has overseen two hugely successful fundraising campaigns, transformed the campus, increased enrollment and admission demand. He has further strengthened an academic powerhouse while achieving nationally recognized excellence in journalism, the fine arts, and athletics. He has created a culture that is both challenging and nurturing. His legacy of excellence will last for generations. Au revoir et bonne chance, Arnie et Jan!”

– John Maluso


Elaine Small Prude, Principal, Bradfield Elementary
“When I was in elementary school, everyone wanted his or her teeth pulled by Mrs. Prude. She would give you a little tooth cap for you to take home for the “Tooth Fairy.” She was the first female principal in Highland Park school history, and she made a direct impact on my family – calling my father her right-hand man. She was a natural born educator who believed in students and staff.”
– Jonathan Flores


Christine Brunner, Principal, Bradfield Elementary School
“Mrs. Brunner embodies everything that makes Bradfield and our school district so special. Her approachable and loving presence lifts up her students from the moment she greets each of them by name every morning. Her leadership style fosters a fulfilling collaboration between parents and educators, which, as she often reminds us, makes the difference between a good education and an exemplary one. For all this and more, thank you, Mrs. Brunner.”

– Karla Trusler


Jeremy Gilbert, Principal, Hyer Elementary
“Jeremy Gilbert, principal of Hyer Elementary, is the role model every family hopes to have as a part of their child’s elementary days. He is loved by students and parents alike – mainly because he operates his school as parents run their home. When a student stayed late to help a friend whose bike broke and missed his riding group, he told Mr. Gilbert he wasn’t allowed to ride home by himself. Mr. Gilbert promptly put on his walking shoes and walked him home. Kudos to Mr. Gilbert!”

– Layne Pitzer


Jerry Sutterfield, Coach, Highland Park High School
“Coach Sutterfield was an exceptional cross country and track coach who always pushed me to new limits. He taught me leadership and to strive for success in life by inspiring me to attain my goals through mental toughness and perseverance. As a testament to his determination, I became his first in a long line of Highland Park runners to qualify for state track.”

– Leigh Sands


Carolyn Barta and Jayne Suhler, Professors of Practice, Journalism, SMU Meadows School of the Arts
“These talented instructors shape the minds of tomorrow’s global journalists, right in the heart of Dallas. They exhibit selfless time and energy toward their students and impact readers alike with their publications – Barta with “Perot and His People” and Suhler as ghost writer for Chip Moody’s “Moments,” a personal account of his bout with cancer. Both have been awarded the “Meadows Foundation Distinguished Teaching Professor Award,” and I am honored to call them friends.”

– Lisa Besserer


Rhodes College
“I have such an appreciation for the impact that Rhodes College has made on my life. The lifelong intellectual curiosity that was stimulated continues to serve me well. In addition, the service component of the school created a love of service to others. Within my major, as well as in my sorority, I made lifelong friends. Thank you, Rhodes College, and keep it up, Lynx!”

– Lucinda Buford


Janet Peters, Librarian, Hyer Elementary
One of my favorite experiences as a parent at Hyer Elementary is volunteering in the library. Listening to Janet Peters read a story to a class is a true privilege, and her funny quotes like “Kiss your brain” make everyone smile. She has taught my children to pick out their JRB – Just Right Book – and introduced them to the wonderful world of children’s literature. Thank you, Ms. Peters, for being exceptional!”

– Molly Hurt


Stephanie Barta, recently retired Biology teacher, Student Council Sponsor, and Director of St. Mark’s Day Camp, St. Mark’s School of Texas
“My son had the good fortune of having Mrs. Barta as a teacher and employer. She understood boys and knew how to keep them interested and engaged. As camp director she hired students, giving them the opportunity to learn to apply for a job and be responsible for others. Her enthusiasm, commitment, and compassion were perhaps the greatest lessons of all. Thank you, Mrs. Barta.”

– Penny Tower Cook


Shelly Sender, Director, Temple Emanu-El Early Childhood Education Center
“Shelly Sender’s passion, energy, commitment, and expertise motivate and inspire her team of fabulous teachers to create a dynamic, engaging learning environment. Her enthusiasm has encouraged not only my son, Baron, but also every child in the school to develop, grow, and learn. Thank you, Shelly, for making school such a positive experience for all.”

– Pogir


Nancy Rosenthal, Passionate Teacher and Tutor
“My daughter, Nancy Rosenthal, inspires me because she is a passionate educator and tutor who fosters a zest for learning. She has trained and taught children with learning differences at The Shelton School and continues to tutor children of all ages using those skills. Nancy also offers superior preparation for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, giving students the gift of acceptance into the college of their dreams. Her wisdom and passion gives her students the ability to achieve and pursue their own unique talents – academically, socially, and emotionally.”

– Sondie Rosenthal


Debbie Malloy, Registered Nurse, Highland Park High School
“The school nurse is someone who has “seen it all,” especially in a large high school. Registered nurse Debbie Malloy at Highland Park High School is a positive role model for our kids, with a smile on her face and always the right advice. She never makes you feel like your illness is minor, and her professional and friendly personality is always just what you need.”

– Susan Baldwin


Marian Hammert, Kindergarten Teacher, Lakewood Elementary School
“We were incredibly lucky to have both of our children assigned to the legendary kindergarten teacher Marian Hammert when they arrived at our neighborhood school, Lakewood Elementary. Throughout her decades in the classroom, she had a natural, instinctive way with each and every child, providing encouragement with affection, grace, and good cheer. Annie and John (almost!) always loved school – thanks to the wonderful start they got with Ms. Hammert.”

– Susan Matusewicz

University of Mississippi
“The colors red, white, and blue do not just resonate with American patriotism – they are a longstanding symbol of the Southern traditions of Ole Miss. They carry on from generation to generation and pass on the legacy of Southern hospitality, fall football gatherings in The Grove with family and friends, appreciation for literature and Southern culture, and the beauty of the South. Thank you, Ole Miss, for more than just an education but also an experience! Hotty Toddy!”

– Tessa Mosteller


Kristan Perryman, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Hyer Elementary School
“Every interaction with Ms. Perryman reveals that she is truly called to her work as an educator. She challenges her students and parents to raise their goals, and she supports their efforts with great pride and encouragement. She leads her classroom with skill, loving mentorship, and professionalism, qualities that we as parents can see growing in our children as they follow her superb example.”

– Will Seale

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