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Which Areas Are the Most Important for Home Staging?

June 27th, 2013 | by The Update
4512 Cherokee Trail in Bluffview - Briggs Freeman Sotheby's luxury homes for sale in Dallas Fort Worth - living

The living room in 4512 Cherokee Trail in Bluffivew looks like it came right out of a luxury home magazine, yet is still cozy enough for everyday life. Listed by Tessa Mosteller and Lucinda Buford.

When you’re selling your home, even a little bit of staging can go a long way. So what areas are the most important ones to focus on? Candy’s Dirt recently did an interview with a professional home stager to see what rooms and features should be top priority when staging your home:

“Seldom do we keep our homes “white glove” clean. I’m notorious for simply putting 25 watt bulbs in all the light fixtures prior to a party so I don’t have to clean. Try it, it works! Instant mood lighting and no need to clean! However when it’s the big, bad, broad light of day you have to have a super clean house. It needs to not only BE clean but smell clean.

Light is a huge factor. It really helps sell a home. So open blinds, curtains, shutters and make sure the light bulbs are working in all of your fixtures. One big tip to make sure ceiling can light bulbs are the same depth within each fixture. If you have one low and one high the light distribution will be uneven.

Buyers will make a decision within 15 seconds about purchasing a home. That means your bang for the buck needs to happen in the areas you see from the front door. Walk and count. Everything you see in those first 15 seconds needs to say “This is the house!”.

Kitchens are generally an issue if they are dated. Wallpaper, odd color cabinets, linoleum flooring and of course bad lighting need to be addressed. Buyers want a great kitchen and great bathrooms. Just look at remodeling statistics and you will see that both of those items bring more ROI than other things you can do to a home. I’m not saying remodel before you sell, just be aware of the facts. People generally spend a lot of time in their kitchens, they are the heart of the home and buyers don’t want to have to move in and do heart surgery!”

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