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Top Color Trends for Fall 2012

October 11th, 2012 | by The Update
Top Color Trends for Fall 2012 - Bamboo Yellow, from HGTV

Want your home to really be en vogue? Here are our top 5 favorite colors trending this season in home decor:

 Lobster Red

Red is a classic fall hue, but this season’s shade has the volume turned up a few notches. “Red is exciting and classic at the same time. It adds punch to palettes, but still has a history of being a color with staying power,” says says trend forecaster Stacy Garcia. Bring this energetic shade into your home this fall with bold accent pieces, like lamps, end tables or art pieces. The orange-red pairs especially well with indigo, black and white, but a small dose can add spice to virtually any color palette. Photo courtesy of CB2.

 Peacock Blue

“Light turquoise and blue have been popular lately, and for fall I see that transitioning into more of a deep, rich peacock blue,” says interior designer Erinn Valencich. Pair it with jewel-toned cousins like emerald green or juicy magenta. For a glam look, combine pops of peacock with gold or silver-gray. Photo courtesy of Romo


A yellow with a subtly green undertone, bamboo was named one of Pantone’s top 10 colors for fall. The exotic hue pairs well with deep grays and creams, as seen in this Asian-inspired bedroom, but it also looks great alongside its color-wheel opposites, like purple and deep teal. Design by Troy Beasley


Lime’s deeper, darker cousin is a rising “it” color in the interior design world. Use this jewel tone alongside black and white for a classically sophisticated look, or bring an emerald accent, like these high-gloss chairs, into a more neutral space. Design by Emily Henderson


“Purple is still big, but more of an eggplant hue versus bright pops,” says Stacy. Interior designer Jeff Andrews says that purple, from lavender to dark aubergine, is his go-to hue. Layer various saturations of purple with gray for a feminine take on this color trend. Photo courtesy of Romo

Color information from HGTV— click here to see the original article.

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Top Color Trends for Fall 2012

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Top Color Trends for Fall 2012

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